SJ is coming back around

SJ has been being treated for both bacterial & parasitic infections of intestines. Yes, lovely I know. But, truly most people have parasites b/c of our food processes, family pets & just nature. At least this one isn't the spreadable kind of creepy kritter. Anyhow, keys to avoiding parasites, in case you're interested is: healthy gut flora (good probiotic), keep sugars to minimum (sugar is an immune system suppressant & the more artificial it is or modified (HFCS) the less your body is able to process), assure healthy bowel patterns (if you tend to be constipated, that's the perfect environment for yeast & parasites-- our whole family takes digestive enzymes thanks to our low pancreas function & metals toxicity)

Anyhow, she's just finished her *Shazam!* treatment-- doc pulled out big guns on this one. WOW, she is talking a ton & really really active again. Her speech pathologist looked at me yesterday & said-- "yup, she's back in the game." She was chasing me with a snake this morning making the hissing sound.

It's amazing how sensitive these kiddos are. SJ had a fairly large regression from about March until end of April. She's been recovering in degrees over the month of May, with a doozey of a flu bug in there, too. She had me pretty scared, b/c she was so sickly she'd just lay around & was so unresponsive, especially in eye contact, but lack of cuddling, too. I was starting to get worried because there is a huge predisposition to developing Leukemia in kids with ASD; which I learned from a researcher who also has a child with DS & ASD. With so many systems & issues hindering their immune systems & subsequent improper immune responses, the body begins an ugly cyle of attack on itself. Anyhow, I'll save the autoimmune schpeel for another post; I need more coffee & time for that.

So glad to see my girl coming back again. Speaking of the little darlin'... check out our little beauty's unique eyes... two colors. Like Daddy's brown eyes started & Momma's genes said, "heck no!" =>


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  1. YAY for SJ doing so well!!! And would you look at those eyes? Amazing :)