Summer has begun -- few updates

Bella has been finished with school since last week & the twins are finishing up today. I cannot believe how fast time flies. Bella is already missing school & asking for her bus & school. Despite a fractured foot, multiple x-rays, doctor appts & 3 orthodic device fittings, she's been a trooper. Brace # 3 is a knee high boot which she was fitted with yesterday. She wouldn't even stand up after it went on & just cried as I had to carry her to the car. I said a prayer in the car that this would be the last ortho visit & we would be on our way to healing for her foot. We made a pit stop to the health food store on the way home. She pointed to the store & said, "go?". I unloaded her & she whimpered as she drug her foot the first couple steps. Once inside she gave that boot a test run-- literally! Good thing she's Irish-- she's too stubborn to let anything slow her down. By the time we were home, she had figured out every move in her new boot.

Our past DT/MT met with us last week & has volunteered to get a program started for our youngest child incorporating ABA, floortime & sonrise models. This is an answered prayer, because we simply have been unsuccessful in finding someone to craft a program unique to our family's lifestyle, needs & SJ's needs. We've been on 3 waitlists for ABA, but there is such a high demand for therapists & these services we've been waiting since her 2nd birthday. Now we're prayerful that insurance will honor their obligations to cover this critical therapy, so we can continue building up SJ's skills to prepare her for school this fall. On a sidenote, I cannot believe my BABY of my babies will get on a bus this fall. She is just so tiny-- at 2 years 9 mos she is just 27lbs & 31" tall (that's below 3% height & 15% weight). She is smaller than Bella at that age & Bella has Down Syndrome.

We go in for our detox screening tomorrow... all 5 of us. I figure if the kids must endure this, I will with them. I want to try to understand what their bodies feel when they are going through this process. It has been hard on my body, so I know it taxes them - yet the results have been nothing short of amazing over 5 months. All of them have progressed so much-- Sbear is at a level we've never seen before & it melts my heart. Bella is right in line with Sbear. SJ is making eye contact again & said Mommy again today. Roo is nearly recovered to where she was before regressing last summer, only with renal complications; I don't know that she would be detected as Autistic by the average person. God is GOOD! I have to keep reminding myself of that, not because I'm unappreciative, I'm just worn out! Here's to a better detox round than the last one & lots of patience for our 4 hour appt. tomorrow-- have MERCY!

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