Yes, Indeed - "They Say" and we must do our own THINKING

The "Thinking Moms Revolution - *They Say*" post link (bottom) struck me square in my heart. ALL PARENTS NEED TO READ THIS.

I was told each and every one of these things, more than once, and was still encouraged to vaccinate our baby even though our eldest 3 regressed all about the same time prior. Our Bella was at a biochemical disadvantage from birth with an inability to clear anything from her body (due to her chromosome anomaly) and we were continuously baited by fear into medicating her the most, in irony to prevent future illness.

When are doctors going to start *THINKING FOR THEMSELVES* and think about how to prevent Autism-- THE ILLNESS, yes I said illness because it starts as illness and progresses into disease. It can be lifelong-- oh yes, it can. Depending on the cumulative damage done before a parent starts *thinking* for themselves out of desperation to save their evaporated child.

My best friend in the world has a beautiful child they are diligently fighting for each day to recover, she too has Down syndrome, like our Bella. Her angel succumbed to an Autism presentation after a hospitalization at 6 years of age-- she was not Autistic before the hospitalization which changed their lives forever & she did not have Autistic behaviors. She DID come out of the hospital with damage and had reached a tipping point where their lives changed abruptly. IT CAN and DOES HAPPEN.

Our Bella was 4 when she lost all speech the second time, we believe from seizures subsequent to the injuries she received in her first 3 years of mass-medication and an overwhelming vaccination schedule (combined with a perfect storm of inherited toxicity). No one ever took her treatment into an individual scope until we ourselves took on that role, pouring over labs, research, and more research. Working with the heroes that were willing to look outside the box and help us find the answers on how to help our child(ren).

My husband and I have spent 5+ years working on recovering the 4 children we lost to Autism. It has taken Bella all that time to recover the speech she had at 2.5 years-- she is now 8.5 years old. Our twins now, 5 years later,  have likely lost their Autism diagnosis, with lesser challenges remaining. Our baby is blooming before our eyes, one layer at a time, as we work to teach and engage her in all the 'natural learning' her Autism illness interrupted. Yet all our kids remain Medically Fragile and we don't take their current state for granted. There is damage underneath that we will always be working to support and we have learned that this damage to the brain, gastrointestinal, & overall neurological function is indeed extremely complicated. That said, we happily embrace the lifestyle routines we go through daily, weekly, monthly to be where we are today. We thank God above for His light & grace in leading this journey we are on, for the recovery we have seen, experienced and are still finding-- not all are so fortunate, which turns my stomach in knots knowing all the kids suffering so profoundly out there yet today.

Lastly, know that our family is a subset of the rare, most of the families I know have one child with a full blown autism presentation. Maybe a second child, or a second has ADD, asthma, food allergies or something. Point is-- our current human physical evolution cannot keep pace with the toxic burdens our American culture so openly supports as the norm, in our modern world. Autism touches plenty of families only in 1 child, while the other siblings escape our western way of toxic life practices. 99% of the families I know have only 1 affected child... YOURS ARE NOT UNTOUCHABLE. AT ANY AGE. Don't be fooled by the "Autism is GENETIC" madness. We are living in a toxic world and Mother Earth is screaming for us to listen. 

PARENTS, READ & HEED THE ADVICE W/I---> http://thinkingmomsrevolution.com/they-say/