E-Holai Sheesh Batman!

I'm astounded at the astronomical amounts of our medical/bills related to Autism alone. Upon tasking myself with putting together in a spreadsheet all these regular recurring costs for *medical treatment* the results are  ALARMING! For just vitamins, supplements & supportive monthly medical visits we are at 10% of my husband's gross income. This number does not include: acute illness costs (meds & copays), therapy, advocates/lawyers (to obtain appropriate school services), the insane amounts of money for items free of: food coloring, preservatives, pesticides, corn, wheat/gluten, dairy/casein/lactate, artificial sugars, artificial flavorings, perfumes, dyes... I mean really-- I wanted to punch out the clerk when she said, "What a bargain!" in reference to the 4 - EVERRYTHING free blueberry muffins I bought in a time crunch that were $9. Thank goodness our government acknowledges the financial hardship of raising children whom are medically fragile & disabled, by tax deductible considerations-- or wait that was my imagination.

You know how pissy I get that I must buy specially compounded acetaminophen that is free of dyes, fructose, etc? For entertainment, come shopping with me-- it's a hoot!

Just yesterday, I put sunscreen on all the kids & my micro-sensitive blondey (Roo) looked like she was in a street fight, within an hour. Poor baby had puffed red raccoon eyes, & streaks of raised red rash.  Our *safe-brand* sunscreen must have had an ingredient change. I had to resort to dye-free benedryl as the lesser of two evils. She said to me, "Mommy- my face does hurt. Yup, I want to scratch it." OMG. Seriously!?

I'm done now... the hormone surge is over. As Clarke Griswold once said, ".... Holy $hit-- where's the Tylenol (dye free & non-recalled of course)".

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