Imagine losing your child to a flawed medical system, combined with an ambush of American culture conveniences that only cause toxic overload (gmo food, killing chemicals for: weeds, insects, rodents, our water supply {& us}, cleaning supplies, et all . These conveniences are delivered without delay to your delicate and developing infant, as we hurried parents participate in ignorance. 

The RESULT-- 1 in 6 American children currently are diagnosed with a developmental disability. (that is diagnosed peeps-- what about those not identified?) 

For our son... he evaporated into a medical debacle of Autism at 13 months. He hass worked tirelessly with his Daddy, myself, and a VILLAGE to help his little body heal & expel the assaults of multiple environmental agents (primarily first year's vaccines & environmental toxins) which preyed upon his delicate vulnerability. 

Some people say we parents working to recover our children from Autism are nuts, others call us Warriors. We are both and for good reason (nuts over the preventable, yet covered-up smoke & mirror act which leads the kidnapping of our children's innocent life (resulting in AUTISM presentation) & nuts by default in order to remain sane amidst the aftermath). Let's hope you never have to understand personally the WARRIOR aspect... REALLY. At the pinnacle Warrior-hood is the spirit inside our sick/injured children. They are the real Warriors.

Give S-Bear a listen in this YouTube with his SonRise facilitator & favorite playmate (his *Daisy* {sniff, sniff}). A component of S-Bear's healing is through the SON-RISE therapy modality, the rest is all MEDICAL.

I write a lot about S-Bear's experience because his regression & healing are both so dramatic. I hope you never have to know where he's come from, where we've been as a family. I hope this finds parents early on, so they may assess & make informed decisions in real consciousness. For now, I'm glad to share S-Bear's amazing spirit.


Twas the night before Christmas by S-Bear & Ms. Stacey

You've come a long way, buddy & we're not done yet.