Meet one of our Earth Angels -- Ms. Stacey Rhodes

Let me start with I cannot say enough about this amazing lady whom has become a true friend. We met Stacey nearly 4 years ago when she first began working with S-Bear through early intervention. I was impressed with her positivity, passion & talent upon meeting her. What makes her a standout are all those things, plus she truly wants to COLLABORATE! I never take that for granted in working with the myriad of professionals surrounding my nest of 4 extraordinary blessings. Before meeting Stacey, I had never known a therapist to want to have a team meeting, share a binder of written team notes, etc, etc. I always felt the weight of being the integrator as the family matriarch & scheduler of all therapy work amongst the 4 kids.

Stacey has seen us through some of the roughest times of our journey. When she started, Bella & S-Bear alone had been enveloped into Autism. Within the following 2 years we hit rock bottom, witnessing our 15 mo old baby drift away & only months later, Roo then 3.5 years old regressed sharply & became very ill. Stacey was one constant whom kept me grounded. She truly has an unmatched compassion for others and is driven to HELP them. Her love of music & enrichment for others comes through her work so apparent. Though our youngest has really cycled through MAAAANY regressions, Stacey never gave up on her. Even when my mind was fragmented & not so sharp-- she never gave up on me. She even came back to us after having her own little one & did so much more than could ever be expected of a professional-- all out gift of her beautiful heart.

Today Stacey is still a key contributor to SJ through her SonRise home program, and soon she will be expanding to S-Bear this summer. We'd never be where we are today without this remarkable & ambitious professional. She brought SonRise back into my sights, after ABA failed for SJ. My kids are blooming in front of my eyes & you've had a tender hand in it; I'm forever grateful, Stacey. 

It is with pleasure that I share this very talented professional's Summer Programming information.