Rain Rain Go Away.... the activities of a SICK day

As part of a experiment I'm going to write down the activities of the course of our day with 3 kids home sick. This ought to be insightful & scary.

- Turn off alarm & wish there were time for a snooze. I'm behind schedule already!
- Get my java fix for energy... thanks to the sweet husband who makes it each day.
- Get S-bear up, Roo sleeping in due to flu - S-bear gets herbal cough support today for bad cough
- After changing him, mixing up protein milk he's settled snuggled on sofa
- Bella's turn to get up. Thankfully, no fever (everyone else has had over past 3 days).
- Called Mom while getting kids ready.
- Changed & mix up thyroid meds. Listening to her music while I pack lunch & make her breakfast.
- S-bear doesn't want to eat (big surprise, poor punkin). Bella does -- that is a surprise, maybe we'll beat the bus today.
- Roo yelling from her room. Go check on her... fever free, still sick. Change her & settle on sofa.
- Check baby... still sleeping with temp. Call Speech Therapist to switch SJ's session to S-bear.
- Get Bella cleaned up, teeth brushed, glasses on, shoes & coat, backpack & lunchbox. Bus is here-- VICTORY!
- Twins hungry, but not wanting good breakfast. So, sneak protein, hemp oil, honey & super greens powder into peanut butter sandwiched b/t 2 graham crackers. S-bear won't eat, but Roo will eat his, too.
- Mixing up kids supplement cocktail (missed Bella's- shoot!): lemon fish oil, probiotic, vit C, vit D, Cal/Mag/Zinc, B vits, digest enzymes -- get bribery items ready (2 organic jelly beans) - No, I'm not cruel... they have to take this stuff for digestive dysfunction & nutrient deficiencies.
- Twins are mega crabby... gonna be a fun one.
- Email Bella's teacher. Call twins schools.
- Check baby's temp. She said, "good morning, baby" so cute (what I say to her-- *delayed echolalia* repeating language at later time, for you non-Autism folks).
- Change & mix no-dye flavoring into baby's antibiotic-- so she doesn't spray it back in my face (1st ever ear infection)
- Homemade protein drink for baby, since no one is eating this morning
- Grab clothes from dryer, load up both machines. Doorbell-- Speech therapist is here.
- S-bear is willing to participate, so get Roo occupied with constructive project & baby gets vitacocktail.
- In & out of therapy with S-bear while therapist does reassessment. Printing data sheets for therapy.
- Reoccupying Roo & comforting baby who seems to need extra love today. =>
- Finish folding basket of laundry on floor with SJ on lap & discussing goals with speech therapist, before she leaves.
10AM(ish) I think?
- Defuse 3 sequences of fighting b/t twins with timeouts & lots of crying (where's the earplugs?)
- They want to eat, make Roo & baby fruit smoothie. Roo still doesn't want to eat... S-bear refuses the crackers he asked for.
- Baby wants to go outside & cries when she can't (this kid has some pipes!)
- More laundry folding & organizing baskets to go upstairs.
- Books for Sbear, playhouse for baby & Roo is playing with word game. They are quiet-- time to run.

- Strip twins sheet for wash. Sort adults laundry.
- S-bear & Roo fighting again, not really-- he is just extra sensitive & she's domineering as usual. Aaaaccckkk!
- Change & cuddles for baby. LOL- she found & donned a stocking cap with braids down each side & fluffy pom-poms on top, plus clean socks from my laundry basket on her hands.
- Setup Spongebob kids basketball hoop, get out an old-new parrot Fur-real toy, and the Farm Bingo (can ya tell we're looking for novel entertainment).
- I want "Chhhhhhhhhhhhhiiiiiicken!"- Ok, S-bear declares lunch early. Roo won't eat this time.
- Cleanup.
- 2 phone calls while disarming arguments (insurance co. & therapy center)
- answer 4 waiting texts.
It's 11:00AM(ish)-- and I'm done with the experiment. No time! I'm hungry, gotta pee, & need to brush my teeth (I know, so gross). Bet you're disappointed.

The sun is out though-- may I have an AMEN!

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