Baby steps

I think my new mantra is *baby steps*. I started this blog for a couple reasons: 1) so I can remember the specifics of this journey (good/bad/everything in between) 2) for my own mental therapy 3) to celebrate the baby steps we make along the way.

How many times have you heard- "Life is a journey, not a destination?" This is about the journey... I don't want to miss it & it's easy to do in a world of technology, agendas, & the modern day American culture we are in. Add in to that equation, 4 children with special needs & whew-- life becomes a fast forwarding loop repeated daily, when now I turn around & the children are now 6.5/4.5/4.5/2.5 years old.

No matter how my age matures, my human spirit looks for accomplishment in a bulk package. By adapting the mindset of *baby steps* I can reaffirm through our accomplishments in the minute forms they appear & embrace them, as God intended. It is our human arrogance in our sin that drives us to be independent from our creator, trying to "do all/be all"; I'm guilty of it, too. Our culture breeds this ("do all/be all"); mentality & I'm reminded of it when we are forced back into basic seclusion of a detox cycle: no computer, no phones, no television, no electricity, no car; though I dread the process monthly, this time truly is a gift & life perspective RESET.

We've been going through detox for about 5 months now with the children & it's been a intricate process, as everything with Autism is. My baby step moment for this morning is hearing my boy, though sick as a dog with a cough, say, "Mommy, Steppi (for his twin's name) wake up!?" He came to me to communicate, looked me in the eyes, addressed me by name, & said something novel AND SOCIAL! A few months ago, he didn't even call her by name, let alone share with me the thoughts he was having about her. This is my GI-NORMOUS baby step moment this am (yes- that's a word in my dictionary)! Again, thank you, GOD.

So later, when I'm overwhelmed, I'm going to repeat to myself *baby steps* & think about the next step in the moment, not the day, week, or month. I'm going to follow it with my "I am..." statement, even if it is as simple as "I am here now. I haven't given up."

Enjoy the baby steps!!


  1. Love, love, love hearing your sweet boy communicating so well!!! What a wonderful way to start your day :)

  2. Hope you guys get to feeling better!! Yeah Sully!!!!!!!!!!!

    xoxo Melissa