An inconvenient painful TRUTH

Am charting, in DETAIL, Roo's medical history to prepare for upcoming Immunology & Pulmonology specialists. I. AM. SICK.

By her 6 mo. vaccinations the data stored only in the Pediatrician's records clearly shows, we killed her immune system (& no, that is not drama, but TRUTH). After that visit, she was in PED office for 3 sick visits in 1.5 mos following those vax. THEN SHE WAS VAX'ED AGAIN!! @ 9 mos. 3 more sick visits with unexplained whole body rashes, cold symps, fevers & EXTREME FUSSINESS (I'll never forget her screaming). Only to be VAX'ed the FINAL BLOW (7 vaccines). 5 more sick visits over 2 mos following the pluthera of VAX on her distressed body. Last of 5 sick visit she was positive for STREP. She didn't have any defense system any longer-- for infections, viruses, or environmental toxins of our world (including vaccines). At this point, I left the majority of mainstream medicine to try to help my babies. They started to improve through alternative approaches, yet so much damage had already been done & we're still in the marathon of supporting their injuries.

The most disturbing thing to me about Roo... if her twin hadn't regressed so fast & lost his language, etc. we would have kept on vaccinating her. She could have died-- his regression saved her life. I was uneducated, overwhelmed & couldn't see the bigger picture. I was there (PED office) each time expressing concerns that were downplayed & the PED DIDN'T SEE THE BIGGER PICTURE EITHER. Their office told me to bring her in for 15 mo. visit (which I delayed 3 mos.) & that they could still vaccinate even though she & her twin had a FEVER! This message followed the 5 sick visits & STREP. 

Thank GOD I didn't vaccinate them again.

Post STREP. Her illness list is so very long that I'm too tired to summarize it here. Her immune system was completely overloaded & short circuited. She cycled through regressions more subtle than her twin, yet succumbed fully into an Autism presentation at 3.5 years old (able to be diagnosed by medical criteria). If you meet a child with Autism, it is very very likely this child is SICK & their sickness is not from AUTISM, rather their AUTISM is a result of their SICKNESS.

I AM SHARING SO YOU OR SOMEONE YOU LOVE DOESN'T GO BLINDLY WITH THEIR CHILD INTO THIS ABYSS. We've lost a lot-- my children have SUFFERED GREATLY, our family still suffers and fights to maintain. If you think I'm dramatic, please discontinue reading. I simply cannot go on pretending this atrocity didn't happen & ISN'T still happening to our kids. AFRAID? That's good-- you are on your way to THINKING your way into protecting your child(ren).

Cliff notes: Do not vaccinate your child when they are sick, EVER. A symptom of a rash, swollen injection site, fever, diarrhea, or subsequent infection (even a month after vaccines) is a note-able reaction & needs to be reported to pediatrician. Some pediatricians aren't really open to reporting what they may see as a subtle reaction-- insist on this being noted in your child's file anyway. PROCEED with caution when your child shows a reaction; listen to your gut instincts & stand strong with your instincts. Tell your pediatrician you want to work together to lessen chances that reactions re-occur (by spacing out vax, doing singularly, et all). Your child should not get the disease they are being vaccinated against! If they do-- RED FLAG their immune system cannot process. Did you know Hep vax is for sexually transmitted disease & this is recommended at birth (seriously?)-- do you think your baby needs this? IMPORTANT-- NEVER GIVE YOUR CHILD TYLENOL BEFORE/AFTER VACCINATING as it suppresses body's Glutathione production (the body's chemical produced to get rid of toxic substances), instead give Vitamin C & a probiotic when you choose to vaccinate. Lastly, READ on this topic FURTHER so you can become educated on risks vs. benefit & make INFORMED choices. These are my opinions from lessons learned in great hardship, suffering & loss. I am not a medical doctor with credentials-- so take my notes within as my opinions and encouragement to research these things further on your own. YOU alone protect your child & you (like me) live with the decisions you make for your child. I wish I had had any of this information when my kids were infants. GODSPEED.