Unconditional love

While searching for an special lady's birthday card yesterday I read a lot of them. Though I found a spunky/fun one to match the gal I was looking for, another one I read I bought for a different reason. It read as follows....

"She's the one you've known forever. The one you go to for honest advice and genuine support. The one who accepts your quirky little habits and understands you in a way few others can. She's the one you can call at any hour-- to laugh or cry or complain... The one whose voice has been there all along sharing secrets and dreams and singing your song when you needed to hear it most. She's the one who can read your mind, hear your heart, and love you just the way you are. She's your lifelong friend... but so much more. She's your sister." ♥

As soon as I read it, I thought of my twins (and another special friend's twin girls). Despite my twin's extra challenges & S-bear's difficulty with verbal communication-- he's never had trouble being understood by his twin sister, Roo. Even as we saw them in utero, they seemed to know each other was there & snuggled in the same positioning.... if one was vertical, so was the other. When they were newborns, S-bear would begin crying if Roo stopped-- like they were a tag team. But, if they were next to each other while touching me-- it was bliss, like the quiet comfort they knew in the sheltered womb. As we separated them later on before their first birthdays, when one would wake the other would. Often one baby would be upset if the other was sick, even though he/she was not. They had an unspoken language that so many refer to as twin talk. I have a couple different friends with multiples & similar stories. With my own twins & the friend I'm thinking of our twins both have an Autism spectrum disorder, so their atypical language development made this unique feature of *twin talk* that much more evident.

If you have a sister or brother, like the one described in the excerpt above, I hope you appreciate them. God has given you a gift of Himself in another, an extension of His peace. This magic will live in many hearts you meet along your journey, but in the hearts living within your HOME it is magnificent in all that you share in those foundational years. As I think back, I found this UNDERSTANDING in my Mom & still long to be near her even though I am grown. Yes, Mom's know about unconditional love, but not all Mom's relate  to their children as an extension of their own being. I believe my Mom modeled for me the critical skills I'd need to be as a parent to these 4 unique beauties God has on loan to me. Amazing!

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