Autism - Not a genetic disease

Autism isn't a genetic disease, as Autism Speaks (R) touts. It is caused by the systematic environmental attack of the immune, central nervous, and neurological systems from the first day of life, and even while in utero. There are genetic vulnerabilities, if you can consider what we pass along cellularly outside of DNA: the toxic waste of mercury, other heavy metals, infection, viruses, and all the chemicals we as parents cumulatively carry... which then are passed to our baby.

As an expectant carrying mother, we detox to our unborn children in utero. This is the first environmental hit. Add to that mass vaccinations (containing poisons like mercury, formeldahyde & aluminum; not to mention biological matter sourced from aborted fetuses, pig, monkey, etc and so much more!) on an immature immune system, the convenient pharmaceuticals prescribed to clean up the immunization's after affects (ear infections, respiratory ailments, unexplained skin erruptions, etc etc), the processed garbage in our national food system (genetically modified food, harmful preservatives, petroleum based food dyes, synthetic carcenogenic sweeteners, plus toxic elements everywhere (from the fillings in our teeth, fluoridated public water, household cleaners, chemicals doused on our lawn living spaces, e-smog, etc). The assaults on our human existence are infinite.

If Autism were genetic, there would be genetic lineage traced in families, spanning generations. Instead, we are now living in the Biohazard Corruption of all times, with greed as the ultimate evil. Our healthcare system/providers are funded and trained to prescribe and vaccinate (by the Pharma corps which fund the medical training programs). Even our own Federal Vaccine Injury Court has granted immunity to the Pharma companies producing vaccines, so they will not be held accountable for the injury caused. How can any of this be ethical, legal, or simply allowed?

causes the condition called Autism.

These are my children. They were not born with Autism. They regressed into a *state* of Autism (you know, the behaviors one exhibits to be diagnosed with an ASD). I had no idea of the medical foundation of complications within Autism upon our 1st diagnosis, yet have learned in a turbo tidal wave these past five & a half years, in order to reclaim my children.

Bella was born with Trisomy 21, a heart defect & an engaging personality larger than life.
She was not born with Autism. She is now 1 in 88*.  
 *the # the CDC now reports as the incidence of Autism (which doesn't account for kids under the age of 12. My children are all under 9 years old).

Sbear & Roo are twins whom were born premature, yet healthy weights with no assistance needed after birth & no health issues. They developed beautifully, were vibrantly interactive, affectionate & full of spunkiness.
They weren't born with Autism. They're now 2 in 88.

SJ was a healthy full term baby. She was as sweet as the day is long, and a virtual superstar in development.

She was not born with Autism. She is now 1 in 88.

They (our kids) are healing, improving, recovering as we work diligently to address the cumulative medical complications of their health injuries. If it were genetic, they would be static, because haven't you heard??... There is no cure for what is called "Autism".

----------------------------------> from a remarkable group educating and advocating for the rights of humankind, including our most precious resource - our children. Please read below.

"‎1 in 88 does not even count children under 12. Hundreds of thousand of kids. Yours and ours. PLEASE. Educate! stand up...and FIGHT FOR THEM! Respectfully, LJ Goes (the rev)" from TACA-IL on facebook.com

read/watch here -----> OUR CHILDREN

Now imagine one of these innocent faces 
were one of YOURs.
Your son, daughter, grandchild, etc.

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