PSA/Press Release Team Schoonveld - Els for Autism Golf Challenge

EVENT  TEAM SCHOONVELD & SCHOONVELD for Els for Autism Golf Challenge


An ordinary (local Chicago-land) family navigates an extraordinary journey of Autism, times four (four children born in four years -- now ages 3/5/5/7). We were pregnant with our 4th child when our only son regressed & was diagnosed with Autism. Over the next 2 years our other 3 children, also each regressed, & are diagnosed at different areas of the Autism spectrum. It was & sometimes still remains unclear why God chose this path for our family. Though our journey into parenthood has not been as we imagined, we are better people for the ways our children continue to teach us wisdom beyond their years. We look to God & the hope of tomorrow for answers to unlock the many doors into the world of Autism. Foundations with vision like the Els Center for Excellence are opening some of those doors. To all those supporting this charity, E. & I give our most sincere thank you on behalf of the entire Autism community.

EVENT         TEAM SCHOONVELD (Ernie) Els for Autism Golf Challenge FUNDRAISER

GOAL           By 8/29/11: To raise over $10,000 (through monetary sponsorships) for the Els for Autism Center for Excellence mission! 
                  Click here to donate --> SPONSOR TEAM NOW

Cog Hill Golf Club - #4 Dubsdread
Lemont, IL 60439
Monday, August 29, 2011 · 8:00am


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EMAIL           detour.autism@live.com

Our 1st Ever Autism Fundraiser -- Team Schoonveld @ Els for Autism Golf Challenge
In honor of our children: Bella, Roo, S-bear & SJo-- We will be sponsoring “Team Schoonveld” for The Els for Autism Golf Challenge on Monday, August 29, 2011, in Lemont, IL at Cog Hill.

If you would like to sponsor our team and help contribute to Team Schoonveld’s initiative to support Ernie Els for Autism Foundation's mission.   Click “SPONSOR TEAM NOW” at the top of the Page above “Fund Raising Target” to make a tax deductible donation to a 501C-3 charitable organization! Our goal is currently $10,000—yet we want to blow this goal away! Each & every dollar counts; any amount contributed is deeply appreciated by all parents (loving someone with Autism) and individuals with Autism. Or, simply help us spread the word about this event by sharing our blog or Els for Autism golf challenge home page. See our Team progress here.

Els for Autism is one of the Initiatives for championing Autism Awareness, Acceptance & Advocacy for positive change which our family believes in
.  http://www.e4agolf.com/elsvideo1.html

Thank you to our initial team sponsor, J.A. Watts, Inc., Julie and (Uncle) Mark , and all of our family and friends whom support us on this mission daily and year after year. Thank you for loving & celebrating our beautiful children just as they are!

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