Another first in socialization

The past weekend we were able to go to our first EVER meetup with other families affected by Autism. I cannot believe we've been on this journey now for 3+ years and this is a big first. Acknowledging this fact makes me fully wrap my mind around the isolation we live within. We were blessed to have the kids psuedo-adopted older sisters (their favorite playmates), team K, come along. We would never been able to do this without the one to one kid ratio. In all honesty, I was still a bit nervous. There were some 80+ people planned to be there (a lot of activity), all of them strangers to the kids, & a completely unknown environment. From the children's standpoint-- this is asking A LOT of them.

Thought this was very interesting when trying to understand *how it feels* inside an Autistic body... check out the following links:

Anyhow, the meetup BBQ was Amazing. It felt like simply like meeting the oldest & best of friends. Everyone GOT IT & was so understanding, genuine, warm & just plain good company. It was special to meet these amazing parents I've come to know from the online support network - Autism Is Medical. Though I hate that all of us have loved ones fighting the fight of Autism, it was also inspiring & encouraging knowing so many are championing for their kids at all costs & making gains for their kids.

The kids were, well-- KIDS! So interesting, beautiful, vibrant & unique. Seeing so many young ones together affected by Autism made me kind of stop to take in the sheer numbers they represent, as well as a generation that should be teaching our future generations. I hope we are all wise and patient enough to listen to their teachings.

Another first, another blessing.

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