Time to recognize & celebrate our behind the scenes HERO

Here is the man who swept me off my feet nearly a couple decades ago now. Has always been my partner, even when we do not agree. He is the quiet, yet hardest working leader of our pack. I get asked always, "how do you have the energy & do it all?"-- the biggest reason outside my beautiful babies is the gift God has bestowed in my love, best friend, & amazing father to our children-- my partner. I want to take the time to celebrate the man he is & has become. He gives unconditionally through the many thankless tasks he does, just because we need him to. Throughout the hustle & bustle of being the sole provider he quietly shoulders the tremendous responsibility of keeping our family going & all the items his hard work provides our family. And, somehow, even while ill himself E still remains interested & a participant in the detailed decisions of the children & all their daily lives involve, he plays with them like the best & craziest kid could, & always is there for me-- thru the good & bad.

As most married couples, we've had our share of the rollercoaster of this life. Becoming parents brought that rollercoaster ride infinitely more erradic, but we are blessed in our commitment. Many men would look at our family situation & would flee for their homeland-- the man God crafted in E. is so intricately extraordinary, I cannot even begin to do his character justice through my words. It's through the images & memories of these past years, especially the past 7 I am astounded at how resilient, ambitious & about the biggest heart I know. He has remained steadily by my side through the lowest of lows & championed for our family always. You are remarkable, E & are the world to our family.

Happy Birthday, my love!

Bella learning to swim

 Now that's a handful! Roo & Sbear

Loving baby Bella

He's a mini-E!

Big Man & Little man

Welcoming SJ

Fun with our littlest

With Bella at her Buddy Walk

Welcoming our sweet Bella

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  1. I love all these great pix! And happy belated bday to Mr. Ed! =)