Cannot believe it is February!

This life often seems like a blur. Not in a negative way, in a house with 4 little kids, 3 schools, 5 teachers, 11 regular therapists, many helpers/visitors at any given time, a momma, daddy, and Mercy our 3 month old puppy. Not to mention outside the home work, let's not forget about that, and the diligent routine of health supports doctors appointments needed ongoing.

When things are going steady on the health front we have 6 hours of general maintainence doctoring, plus another 4 hours of travel time on top in one month. Plus some sort of diagnostic checkup whether be for hip dysphasia, eyes, dental, cardiology, ent, endocrine, urologist, bloodwork etc etc. When health is on the decline we have weeks like the past 6 encompassing additional sick visits of two/week on average, weighing important decisions of damage a medication may cause vs benefit, very needy little ones, and a sleepless mom and dad. Ongoing fevers, remedies and sick supports, laundry laundry and more laundry, cabin fever, and a good month plus of missed school due to illness across these 4 babes. Did I mention stress? I think I can take Vitals on my kids nearly telepathically.

Anyhow, all that to be said. February is Here! Whew, it's amazing how time flies and we survive. :-) Couldnt resist that last part. Hubby and I are coming up on our 16th wedding anniversary. We have seen a lot in that time, gained a lot of insight, acquired unexpected knowledge, and yes we have a relatively advanced aging involved, but we are still kicking and doing and learning. I can't imagine my life without him, as demanding as it can be on us individually and together, he is my love and partner. I think back to 1992 when we met-- wow, no words for the journey other than nothing I ever could have imagined. I am grateful for this man and God's blessing of him to me.


  1. Good morning Tanya. Wow what a busy momma you have been. I always enjoy reading your blogs. I still say one day you should write your own book. I can't believe it is February either. Time flies by so fast that I miss a lot of things happening around me.
    There isn't a day that goes by that I don't think of you and other families who have autistic children. The research and concerns you have out in your blogs and also on FB. You truly want to help other families like yours.
    We had a sermon at church Sunday which was outstanding. It was a sermon in which I knew the things the gentleman was telling me, but I really needed to hear again. God is omniscient. He knows everything. God knows when a bird falls to it's death. Are not two sparrows sold for a penny? Yet not one of them will fall to the ground apart from the will of your Father. (Matthew 10:29 NIV)
    God knows at any given moment the number of hairs on your head. And even the very hairs of your head are all numbered (Matthew 10:30 NIV).
    God know how many days we will live an d also what words we will say before we pray. That is a great God. He know EVERYTHING!
    This message brought back the morning I spoke with you about becoming pregnant. Do you remember that day? God put me in that moment at that time to talk to you. I was glad to be there for you. He had a plan for you and Ed before you knew it. He knew about your little ones before you did. He never gives us moments or happenings in our lives that we can not get through. You and Ed have shown this in your love for you children and other's. You and Ed are truly blessings to other's just like Abraham was blessed by God to be a blessing to other's.
    You trust God in every situation you have been given and I know you are a faithful servant of his.
    Love you and miss you and wish I could reach out and give you a BIG ( ) HUG......God Bless you and your family. Vickivic

  2. Thanks Vicki. I so miss you in my daily life. I DO remember that day & I will never forget it. God sent you to me that day and I am grateful. I have been so blessed that throughout all the uncertainty of this journey God has sent those whom believe and have faith when I needed to hear from HIM. Thank you for reading, praying and sharing Gods love. Hugs to ya lady.