The power of Music

My daughter is 6 years old, has Asperger's syndrome, an Autism spectrum disorder. Outside of the medical foundation of her diagnosis, for her this behaviorally manifests in her: extreme anxiety, agoraphobia, rigidity of rules, need for sameness, extreme sensitivities to stimuli (sound, light, etc), difficulty with spontaneous interactions outside our home (& sometimes within), a brilliant mind with severe social deficits, including her self-knowledge of her being *different* & struggles with balanced self esteem because of.

When she regressed, she hated being sung to-- it was such a weird thing because it's a normal comforting action to soothe your distressed child with song, as a parent. She would scream, cry & tantrum. Years later, she herself would sing, but no one could sing to her. It was then our Developmental-Music Therapist told me that she had a remarkable ability for pitch (2 years old). I knew this was because she has such hypersensitivity to sound, she hears things I cannot, including accurate pitch.

Anyhow, it's 4 years later & Roo just began to work with one of our Earth angels, the same dedicated Music therapist-DT that has been with us for the past 4+ years. It has taken 6 weeks of time with the therapist to do what I'm going share with you. Yesterday, Roo told her MT that she wanted to lead the song, made up the endings to the verses & made eye contact with her the entire time. She was confident, engaged & her true personality shined through. I love this little girl & am grateful for the blessing of the gifts and healing energy of one very talented Music-Developmental therapist. We love you Stacey! Thank you for keeping on knocking on my door-- you are a powerfully positive anchor in this journey.

The following is proof that Music therapy offers healing, growth to everyone-- even the Mommy & Daddy of the client. Now if I could just stop the happy tears... =>


  1. Tanya & Ed, do you know what an inspiration you are not only to families with Autism, but to all of us? Over and over you amaze me! I thank God that your children have you two for parents.

    1. Thank you! They are our inspiration... ;-)

  2. Oh Tanya --- thank you so much for sharing this. I am in tears myself just thinking how dedicated you are to helping your wonderful children and how much they have grown and progressed because of your commitment. It's an honor to know you and call you my friend. I love you and am so happy for Roo. I can't wait to see you all - hopefully soon! Love and hugs- Cathie

  3. Down by the bay is a familiar tune in this house. :). Love it!!! She sounds wonderful!!! Happy cheers!!