Reflections of 2017

As we're nearing Thanksgiving now & our oldest child's 14th birthday, I cannot help but *REFLECT* upon all that IS.

The chaos of life is still very present, yet just an element in the background. It's easy to get lost in the constant movement of life. For me, I see this as a parallel to my children's Sensory Integration Dysfunction. They become overwhelmed with stimuli in their environment; I with the tides of events in LIFE. I now find myself coaching both them & myself to be PRESENT & In-the-Moment. It's a process of developing focus and a almost simple mindset. It's taken me nearly 14 years to get HERE in this modality of LIVING.

Though all the interventions we chose for the kids are very active & a living/breathing structure (Medical, Behavioral, Emotional, Nutritional, Mental, etc.)-- the SHIFT for ME has been moving that structure to the foundation or background activity of our family's LIVING & not in the forefront of my concentration. Now, I can choose to find RICHNESS in the moment(s) with each child-- meeting them right where they are, experiencing & loving them through these precious moments which fly by in what seems nano-seconds. It's been a long path to arrive at this & it's certainly a muscle which needs ongoing training.

The kids are growing, expanding & moving fluidly on their individual journeys. It's truly a striking composition if only I stand back to see the whole picture every once in awhile. The depth of each of their personalities is so intricate as they have more and more life experiences-- for this I am truly GRATEFUL. We are working on EMBRACING THE JOURNEY, not judging it & we are learning along the way. There is a lot of *talking through* moments & experiences which again, I'm so grateful we are within this realm. I know many families whom are unable to converse with their autistic children verbally (my own were in that place 6-8 years ago)-- so I don't take this for granted.

My thoughts for today. Don't be afraid to LOVE FIERCELY. Trust others with your Heart. Forgive & step-up in Being the Change You Want to See. Celebrate the little things, as in the end those are the BIG THINGS. Be okay with letting go & letting God... accept we are never truly in control in this place & be okay with it. Allow yourself to fail FORWARD; this is how we all LEARN. When you find yourself stuck on how life isn't going Your way-- Give to Others without any EXPECTATIONS. Check yourself to see if you are the example you want to be for your family. Faith is HOPE on Fire-- show this to your children. Have a GRATEFUL HEART.
- Momma T.


Yes, Indeed - "They Say" and we must do our own THINKING

The "Thinking Moms Revolution - *They Say*" post link (bottom) struck me square in my heart. ALL PARENTS NEED TO READ THIS.

I was told each and every one of these things, more than once, and was still encouraged to vaccinate our baby even though our eldest 3 regressed all about the same time prior. Our Bella was at a biochemical disadvantage from birth with an inability to clear anything from her body (due to her chromosome anomaly) and we were continuously baited by fear into medicating her the most, in irony to prevent future illness.

When are doctors going to start *THINKING FOR THEMSELVES* and think about how to prevent Autism-- THE ILLNESS, yes I said illness because it starts as illness and progresses into disease. It can be lifelong-- oh yes, it can. Depending on the cumulative damage done before a parent starts *thinking* for themselves out of desperation to save their evaporated child.

My best friend in the world has a beautiful child they are diligently fighting for each day to recover, she too has Down syndrome, like our Bella. Her angel succumbed to an Autism presentation after a hospitalization at 6 years of age-- she was not Autistic before the hospitalization which changed their lives forever & she did not have Autistic behaviors. She DID come out of the hospital with damage and had reached a tipping point where their lives changed abruptly. IT CAN and DOES HAPPEN.

Our Bella was 4 when she lost all speech the second time, we believe from seizures subsequent to the injuries she received in her first 3 years of mass-medication and an overwhelming vaccination schedule (combined with a perfect storm of inherited toxicity). No one ever took her treatment into an individual scope until we ourselves took on that role, pouring over labs, research, and more research. Working with the heroes that were willing to look outside the box and help us find the answers on how to help our child(ren).

My husband and I have spent 5+ years working on recovering the 4 children we lost to Autism. It has taken Bella all that time to recover the speech she had at 2.5 years-- she is now 8.5 years old. Our twins now, 5 years later,  have likely lost their Autism diagnosis, with lesser challenges remaining. Our baby is blooming before our eyes, one layer at a time, as we work to teach and engage her in all the 'natural learning' her Autism illness interrupted. Yet all our kids remain Medically Fragile and we don't take their current state for granted. There is damage underneath that we will always be working to support and we have learned that this damage to the brain, gastrointestinal, & overall neurological function is indeed extremely complicated. That said, we happily embrace the lifestyle routines we go through daily, weekly, monthly to be where we are today. We thank God above for His light & grace in leading this journey we are on, for the recovery we have seen, experienced and are still finding-- not all are so fortunate, which turns my stomach in knots knowing all the kids suffering so profoundly out there yet today.

Lastly, know that our family is a subset of the rare, most of the families I know have one child with a full blown autism presentation. Maybe a second child, or a second has ADD, asthma, food allergies or something. Point is-- our current human physical evolution cannot keep pace with the toxic burdens our American culture so openly supports as the norm, in our modern world. Autism touches plenty of families only in 1 child, while the other siblings escape our western way of toxic life practices. 99% of the families I know have only 1 affected child... YOURS ARE NOT UNTOUCHABLE. AT ANY AGE. Don't be fooled by the "Autism is GENETIC" madness. We are living in a toxic world and Mother Earth is screaming for us to listen. 

PARENTS, READ & HEED THE ADVICE W/I---> http://thinkingmomsrevolution.com/they-say/


An inconvenient painful TRUTH

Am charting, in DETAIL, Roo's medical history to prepare for upcoming Immunology & Pulmonology specialists. I. AM. SICK.

By her 6 mo. vaccinations the data stored only in the Pediatrician's records clearly shows, we killed her immune system (& no, that is not drama, but TRUTH). After that visit, she was in PED office for 3 sick visits in 1.5 mos following those vax. THEN SHE WAS VAX'ED AGAIN!! @ 9 mos. 3 more sick visits with unexplained whole body rashes, cold symps, fevers & EXTREME FUSSINESS (I'll never forget her screaming). Only to be VAX'ed the FINAL BLOW (7 vaccines). 5 more sick visits over 2 mos following the pluthera of VAX on her distressed body. Last of 5 sick visit she was positive for STREP. She didn't have any defense system any longer-- for infections, viruses, or environmental toxins of our world (including vaccines). At this point, I left the majority of mainstream medicine to try to help my babies. They started to improve through alternative approaches, yet so much damage had already been done & we're still in the marathon of supporting their injuries.

The most disturbing thing to me about Roo... if her twin hadn't regressed so fast & lost his language, etc. we would have kept on vaccinating her. She could have died-- his regression saved her life. I was uneducated, overwhelmed & couldn't see the bigger picture. I was there (PED office) each time expressing concerns that were downplayed & the PED DIDN'T SEE THE BIGGER PICTURE EITHER. Their office told me to bring her in for 15 mo. visit (which I delayed 3 mos.) & that they could still vaccinate even though she & her twin had a FEVER! This message followed the 5 sick visits & STREP. 

Thank GOD I didn't vaccinate them again.

Post STREP. Her illness list is so very long that I'm too tired to summarize it here. Her immune system was completely overloaded & short circuited. She cycled through regressions more subtle than her twin, yet succumbed fully into an Autism presentation at 3.5 years old (able to be diagnosed by medical criteria). If you meet a child with Autism, it is very very likely this child is SICK & their sickness is not from AUTISM, rather their AUTISM is a result of their SICKNESS.

I AM SHARING SO YOU OR SOMEONE YOU LOVE DOESN'T GO BLINDLY WITH THEIR CHILD INTO THIS ABYSS. We've lost a lot-- my children have SUFFERED GREATLY, our family still suffers and fights to maintain. If you think I'm dramatic, please discontinue reading. I simply cannot go on pretending this atrocity didn't happen & ISN'T still happening to our kids. AFRAID? That's good-- you are on your way to THINKING your way into protecting your child(ren).

Cliff notes: Do not vaccinate your child when they are sick, EVER. A symptom of a rash, swollen injection site, fever, diarrhea, or subsequent infection (even a month after vaccines) is a note-able reaction & needs to be reported to pediatrician. Some pediatricians aren't really open to reporting what they may see as a subtle reaction-- insist on this being noted in your child's file anyway. PROCEED with caution when your child shows a reaction; listen to your gut instincts & stand strong with your instincts. Tell your pediatrician you want to work together to lessen chances that reactions re-occur (by spacing out vax, doing singularly, et all). Your child should not get the disease they are being vaccinated against! If they do-- RED FLAG their immune system cannot process. Did you know Hep vax is for sexually transmitted disease & this is recommended at birth (seriously?)-- do you think your baby needs this? IMPORTANT-- NEVER GIVE YOUR CHILD TYLENOL BEFORE/AFTER VACCINATING as it suppresses body's Glutathione production (the body's chemical produced to get rid of toxic substances), instead give Vitamin C & a probiotic when you choose to vaccinate. Lastly, READ on this topic FURTHER so you can become educated on risks vs. benefit & make INFORMED choices. These are my opinions from lessons learned in great hardship, suffering & loss. I am not a medical doctor with credentials-- so take my notes within as my opinions and encouragement to research these things further on your own. YOU alone protect your child & you (like me) live with the decisions you make for your child. I wish I had had any of this information when my kids were infants. GODSPEED.





Imagine losing your child to a flawed medical system, combined with an ambush of American culture conveniences that only cause toxic overload (gmo food, killing chemicals for: weeds, insects, rodents, our water supply {& us}, cleaning supplies, et all . These conveniences are delivered without delay to your delicate and developing infant, as we hurried parents participate in ignorance. 

The RESULT-- 1 in 6 American children currently are diagnosed with a developmental disability. (that is diagnosed peeps-- what about those not identified?) 

For our son... he evaporated into a medical debacle of Autism at 13 months. He hass worked tirelessly with his Daddy, myself, and a VILLAGE to help his little body heal & expel the assaults of multiple environmental agents (primarily first year's vaccines & environmental toxins) which preyed upon his delicate vulnerability. 

Some people say we parents working to recover our children from Autism are nuts, others call us Warriors. We are both and for good reason (nuts over the preventable, yet covered-up smoke & mirror act which leads the kidnapping of our children's innocent life (resulting in AUTISM presentation) & nuts by default in order to remain sane amidst the aftermath). Let's hope you never have to understand personally the WARRIOR aspect... REALLY. At the pinnacle Warrior-hood is the spirit inside our sick/injured children. They are the real Warriors.

Give S-Bear a listen in this YouTube with his SonRise facilitator & favorite playmate (his *Daisy* {sniff, sniff}). A component of S-Bear's healing is through the SON-RISE therapy modality, the rest is all MEDICAL.

I write a lot about S-Bear's experience because his regression & healing are both so dramatic. I hope you never have to know where he's come from, where we've been as a family. I hope this finds parents early on, so they may assess & make informed decisions in real consciousness. For now, I'm glad to share S-Bear's amazing spirit.


Twas the night before Christmas by S-Bear & Ms. Stacey

You've come a long way, buddy & we're not done yet. 


Amongst Chaos we acknowledge Healing

This past week has been another blur, as there has been a rapid stomach bug which nuked the family home and we had another extreme infection for Roo which required hospitalization. The stomach bug, I can deal-- it's part of life, right? The infection (ear infection gone to heck in a hand basket)-- Mastoiditis. Now this was just too close for comfort. 
From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia....
Mastoiditis is an inflammation of mucosal lining of mastoid antrum and mastoid air cell system inside[1] mastoid process, the portion of the temporal bone of the skull that is behind the ear which contains open, air-containing spaces.[2][3] It is usually caused by untreated acute otitis media (middle ear infection) and used to be a leading cause of child mortality. With the development of antibiotics, however, mastoiditis has become quite rare in developed countries. It is treated with medications and/or surgery.[2] If untreated, the infection can spread to surrounding structures, including the brain, causing serious complications.[4]

She literally was millimeters from having direct pocket of infection in her brain. That is a big 9-1-1, unequivocally. The thing that it is most sobering to me is the line "used to be a leading cause of child mortality". This could have been our child still today. Because Roo deals with ongoing damage to her immune system from vaccinations, systemic bacterial infections, prior toxic insults of: antibiotics (now allergic to), heavy metals, chemical exposures etc -- so she is used to LIVING IN PAIN. This is why she didn't tell me anything other than she had a headache & her tummy was starting to hurt the evening before I discovered her engorged ear. Her long blonde locks could simply flow over her ear enough to mask this looming threat.

I feel it is so important to point this out, because she IS VERBAL (excessively sometimes & I say that with compassion, because we've only come from non-verbal, not all that long ago, with 3/4 of our four-some). Roo is considered to be extremely high functioning (for lack of any other descriptor). She can tell me she is in pain & yet she doesn't because that is her NORMAL. This makes my own stomach tumble with nausea.

Children today affected with regressive onset of Autism or other neuro-immune disorders are medically SICK. I have 3 other children more verbally impacted by their regressive onset Autism, 2 profoundly (which I delineate in their spoken words are 90% basic needs and often they are unable to answer simple questions). I hear families in our own Autism community discussing how different Autism is from a low functioning child to a high functioning child. I'm here to tell you, yes- all kids ARE different, yet despite my own 4 being spread out on this *spectrum of injury*-- THEY ARE ALL STILL SICK KIDS. They live in pain. EVERYDAY. Roo is able to cry & tell me "I'm just never going to feel well" & my Bella can only cry & not indicate where/why. Both scenarios for a parent are torturous. 

I think we are missing the boat when we start focusing on where a child resides within the broad Autism spectrum, when really it should be where they are at medically. Yes, living with a child whom will smear feces on surroundings, themselves & otherwise is awful (we still live that somedays)-- yet, so is seeing a vibrant soul at age 6 shrink in such crippling anxiety because that is how her Autism affects her outward >behavior<, all from the sludge of the medical battle going on within. 

Parenting a child with high functioning Autism is not easier from parenting a child with low functioning Autism, when I look at it foundationally (medically that is). Behaviorally it is different, neither is easy. Across all 4 of our Autistic children, we are still searching, adjusting, researching, trialing each & every painstaking intervention to support them the best we can. I still have many people I have to spend excessive time with to educate on my highly verbal child's medical issues, even much more so because she is higher functioning. In summary, many people we come into contact with tend to judge Roo's behavior out of thinking she is being babied, or has a mother with Munchausen syndrome-- simply because Roo is able to talk & is a bright child. This is a sad misinterpretation of the truth. Furthermore, even she is unable to express effectively when she is in elevated PAIN. Half of her hospital stay this past weekend was filled with silence and me interpreting her body language because she could NOT verbalize even to basic yes/no questions.

All this aside-- I am grateful, that God was with us once again & we discovered her infection in the nick of time. I am grateful she did not react adversely to the IV antibiotics which cross-reacts with a class she has become very allergic to. I am grateful, to have my girl still in my arms in this broken world. And, I am grateful that each of my children ARE HEALING, through the rescue recovery mission we have been on these past 4 years after discovering the MEDICAL foundation, under each of their presentations of regressive Autism.

On the eve of Autism One, I cannot be anything but humbled seeing what my children endure daily. I had an absolute torturous day encompassing a pluthera of specialty appointments, yet my own whining is a fleck of dust in the sandstorm of challenges my babies power through each & EVERY day. Thank you God for giving them the tenacity you have, and me the ability to move forward with each of them, even if I am not graceful, I am moving. Thank you for the incredible loving spirits you have equipped each of our babies with. And THANK YOU Lord, for carrying us to HEALING because I feel you with me. In YOUR name, LORD, I Celebrate YOUR HEALING work.

My prayers for the many new families at Autism One (and everywhere on this journey) is that you will walk away with Hope and the next single step to take to helping your child recover. That's all you need-- the hope, will & love to reach your child. God Bless.


Celebrating the soul within - an account of S-bear

In February 2011, an au pair came to reside with us. We took a huge leap of faith to make a bold financial commitment & do this for the purpose of helping us implement fully our SonRise therapy for our children, and also get the help we so desperately needed. P. was with us for 8 of 12 months, when she relocated to another state and family au pair assignment. It was a huge transition for us because we were not prepared. For those of you reading this which have children on the autism spectrum-- you know the shock waves of ramifications I'm eluding to.

Anyhow, P. left our home in October of 2011 and just a  few weeks ago (nearly 6 months later), out of the complete blue, S-bear asked me, “Mom, does P. live in China?” I said, “Well, she is from China.” I paused to see if he would express more about what he was thinking about. He just sat there at the kitchen table reading his books for a few minutes, then he said to me, “Mom, is P. coming home soon?”

This whole spontaneous conversation blew me away, because it was completely random, and when P. was here, S-bear didn't outwardly show much of a connection with with her. For one, he is less expressive outwardly (it's only been about 20 months since he first uttered a 3 word sentence for something beyond a basic need); secondly, he has such sensory challenges that he doesn't tend to show emotional attachment beyond Momma & Daddy. 

S-bear is truly changing & really healing. We are so grateful for his healing. This reminded me again &  showed me how his feelings have always been there inside & that he had truly bonded with P., just in a way that maybe wasn’t as identifiable outwardly to us around him. This is a very teachable lesson for me & such a blessing because it absolutely fuels me to always keep on the road of S-bear's recovery. ENDLESSLY.

Even further, it reminds me to celebrate the beautiful soul he is, TODAY and everyday forward-- right where he is in each day (without judgement, assumptions, and full respect that he 100% is complete). Every inch of the iceberg of my son, S-bear, which is revealed as it comes above the water level of autism is a gift, and everything below water level I do not comprehend is also a gift ; &, by God's plan and direction we WILL see our boy's whole spirit & being through our faith & service.

I love you my beautiful, beautiful, beautiful boy.


The power of Music

My daughter is 6 years old, has Asperger's syndrome, an Autism spectrum disorder. Outside of the medical foundation of her diagnosis, for her this behaviorally manifests in her: extreme anxiety, agoraphobia, rigidity of rules, need for sameness, extreme sensitivities to stimuli (sound, light, etc), difficulty with spontaneous interactions outside our home (& sometimes within), a brilliant mind with severe social deficits, including her self-knowledge of her being *different* & struggles with balanced self esteem because of.

When she regressed, she hated being sung to-- it was such a weird thing because it's a normal comforting action to soothe your distressed child with song, as a parent. She would scream, cry & tantrum. Years later, she herself would sing, but no one could sing to her. It was then our Developmental-Music Therapist told me that she had a remarkable ability for pitch (2 years old). I knew this was because she has such hypersensitivity to sound, she hears things I cannot, including accurate pitch.

Anyhow, it's 4 years later & Roo just began to work with one of our Earth angels, the same dedicated Music therapist-DT that has been with us for the past 4+ years. It has taken 6 weeks of time with the therapist to do what I'm going share with you. Yesterday, Roo told her MT that she wanted to lead the song, made up the endings to the verses & made eye contact with her the entire time. She was confident, engaged & her true personality shined through. I love this little girl & am grateful for the blessing of the gifts and healing energy of one very talented Music-Developmental therapist. We love you Stacey! Thank you for keeping on knocking on my door-- you are a powerfully positive anchor in this journey.

The following is proof that Music therapy offers healing, growth to everyone-- even the Mommy & Daddy of the client. Now if I could just stop the happy tears... =>